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 This happens to be one of my favorite murals recently installed​. A bright and colourfull " print on paper " Pre - pasted mural. 


As the mural itself was  larger by 3 panels and 3 ft in hight than the wall it was to installed on, a few steps had to be taken to insure the most pleaseing ( to the customer ) part of the print would be used. 


All panels were layed out on the floor, print matched and checked for quality.


5 panels of 8 chosen, then centering those 5 panels.


We worked it out so the red parrot would be at eye level, and centered on the wall horizontily.


Worked out beautifully and much more colourfull, pleaseing than if we had just started with panel # 1 and continued on. It is small details such as this, that the painter, handyman person who installs wallpaper, murals once in a while, usually does not even think about.

Below, a few examples of custom commercial vinyl murals that I have installed

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A few examples of some custom residential murals that I have installed

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 Any and all types of

 wallpaper murals,and 

 custom murals installed

Four types of murals above: 1st,the mediterranian scene: a 54 " custom vinyl mural requiring double cuts through the panels in order to match panels. Then a Felt on Foil " paste the paper " custom mural, the 3rd is an example of a store bought "pre-pasted" wallpaper mural, and finaly the faux cement slabs are an example of a " paste the wall " store bought wallpaper mural.


Custom made murals, send any picture, cloth sample,drawing, or painting. Or choose from 1,000's of in stock examples of their own wallpaper murals. custom murals. Your choices are endless.

   Then contact me and I will install your new mural perfecly 

           Installation / labour cost : usually $3.50 per sq ft

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Custom mural installer Vancouver,Custom mural installer North Vancouver,Custom mural installer West Vancouver,Custom mural installer Burnaby,Custom mural installer Richmond,Custom mural installer Surrey

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